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Fines For Flopping: Bad Idea

pj brown and aderson varejaoThe NBA is going to start fining players for flopping

NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson confirmed the new policy Wednesday night saying: "What was clearly expressed to the committee is that we would begin imposing fines next season for the most egregious type of flops. When players are taking a dive, for lack of a better term."

It sounds like a good idea.  But I don't like it.  I'm already on record as saying you should blame the refs, not the floppers, for what's happening.  If someone takes a dive… then let them get torched on the play.  Make it a no call and let the offensive team play 5 on 4.

But here's where the NBA just screwed itself. 

There will be a scenario where a guy will egregiously flop… but draw a foul.  What does the NBA do?  Does it fine a guy for the flop and make the refs look bad for calling a foul on that play?  Or does the NBA look bad by not fining a guy BECAUSE the ref fell for it and called a foul on the play?

And how long before someone split-screens two flops that look the same… but one drew a fine because the ref didn't fall for it… and one didn't draw a fine because the ref fell for it.

Either way… the NBA just set themselves up to make the refs look even worse.  This whole thing wouldn't be an issue if NBA refs had enough balls to make a no-call on these plays.  I guess that wasn't an option.