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Getting Better

Paul Pierce says he's feeling a lot better:

"I think it's mostly my range of motion," said Pierce. "Just being able to squat all the way down. I can't quite do that yet. My walk is pretty good actually, but when I go down into a squat position, that's when I feel it the most, when I bend it. Like if you look at the knee, if you bend it all the way, there's some pain there. But this motion when I'm straight and I'm walking is pretty good."

Pierce is treating the knee with ice, electronic stimulation and laser therapy. While he didn't practice, he did shoot free throws and walk through some plays this afternoon. Kendrick Perkins remains a question mark. Doc said he's more upbeat about Pierce than Perk.


  1. Apparently Perkins has the green light to play now. He may not be 100%, but they need him to tough it out for the remainder of the series. If he can at least give 25-30 minutes it will be a big boost to the Celts defense.