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Glen Davis yells at fans, proclaims “I just got paid, didn’t I?”

Glen davis on the floor in Orlando
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Remember when Glen Davis hired a shrink?  Apparently that shrink doesn't work in Orlando, because Glen Davis is still displaying that solid judgement and mental toughness he's known for.

According to Nick Price, who was present at the game, an unidentified heckler shouted as Davis blew off autograph seekers, "…you'll be out of the league in five years!" Davis allegedly disappeared into the tunnel headed to the visiting locker room, but reversed and came back out to confront the individual.

Except, he couldn't locate the person who said it.

Two witnesses said Davis looked for the heckler and had a heated exchange that had to be managed by a Rose Garden Arena security staffer. According to Price, Davis repeatedly used profanity and said, "I just got paid (expletive)!" among other things, before the security staffer intervened.

Said Price: "I didn't care… but with the kids around I was a bit offended."

A second witness, Chase Daniels, said that Davis was upset, and upon returning to the scene asked the autograph seekers, "Who said that? You talking (bleep) to me?!"  

According to Daniels, Davis mistakenly believed he was the heckler and said to him: "This is why I don't sign autographs," and "Who are you anyways, a nobody. I just got paid, didn't I?" 

I can't wait until this is the focus of an "NBA Cares" campaign. 

Glen Davis' minutes are down, his production is down, and his quest to become a starter has been derailed by Ryan Anderson (who is playing out of his mind).  Davis isn't quite giving Orlando fans fits yet, but they're already writing about how he needs to change

I'm not sure he will.  And the more I see out of Brandon Bass, and the more of this crap I read about Glen Davis, Orlando can have him.  

h/t Jeff Garcia