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Happy Birthday America!

It's America's birthday… and most people are going to take the day off.  But not us.  We'll be watching the C's… and letting you know if they make any moves.  Well… we will for as long as we're sober.

All is quiet on the NBA front right now.  Just some minor moves like Orlando not matching Dallas' offer to Marcin Gortat.  It's also interesting to see how Blazers blogs are reacting to Hedo Turkoglu's decision. 

Blazer's Edge says:

One of the broader lessons to be learned here is to never lose sight of
the game.  You have to be a little ruthless to operate in this league. 
Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions about players or
contracts the same way Turkoglu made his decision about his future
team.  Kevin Pritchard has already had to take on that role.  (Anyone
remember that post saying goodbye to Channing Frye?)  He'll have to
again in the future.  Nobody should complain about that.  Loyalty
exists, but it's bound to contracts and performance.  Don't forget that.

Perfectly said… especially that last line.  That's exactly what every sports fan needs to keep in mind every offseason.

Chuck and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been stopping by or visiting us multiple times a day.  Our traffic has grown amazingly over the past month or so.  We're at higher levels now than we were at any point in the past two playoff runs.  So thank you all for visiting.

And because some of our traffic does come from military accounts and areas where our troops might be stationed… an extra thank you to our troops for helping us keep this opportunity to celebrate America's independence… and the freedom that allows a couple of douchebags like me and Chuck to keep writing crap on the internet. 

If this is your only visit today… then please enjoy the holiday.  Celebrate… eat a lot.. drink a lot… have a lot of fun… but please be safe.