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How bad is the Celtics start?


Some of us are optimistic the Celtics will get their sh*t together and turn on the jets… eventually. They can’t be this bad for the duration of the season, can they?

The Cs are 4-8. Twelve games represents 18% of a 66 game season. That’s a decent sample.

Here are some ugly numbers:

  • Have two fewer wins than the Cavaliers
  • One more win than New Orleans
  • Are one of 10 teams to have a losing record at home
  • Their 89.1 ppg is the 5th worst in the NBA
  • Rank 28th in rebounds per game
  • Rank 27th in steals per game
  • Rank 19th in turnovers forced per game
  • Rank 22nd in turnovers per game
  • Rank 3rd in technical fouls per game
  • Paul Pierce is shooting a career low 39%
  • Kevin Garnett is shooting a career low 46%

Is it time for Danny Ainge to sell off some assets and throw his hat into the Austin Rivers sweepstakes?

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)