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Jaylen Brown might not be as smart as advertised

Jaylen Brown is a pretty smart kid. So smart, actually, that his intelligence was held against him around draft time.

Of course, that’s bullshit. And besides, after today, I’m really questioning how smart Jaylen really is.

Just looking at Dwight’s face there I can tell he’s just trying to come up with some kind of joke about Jaylen’s hair or something. This is how I picture the exchange going.

“Hey Dwight, I was wondering if.. “

[fart noise]

“….. I was looking for some low post… “

[fart noise]

“…… is that a fart noise key chain?”

[holds up key chain, makes fart noise]

“you’re not going to help me, are you?”

[30 seconds of fart noises]

I guess it’s worth the shot for Jaylen to see if there’s any real wisdom in Dwight’s skittles-rotted brain. Maybe Dwight can talk about all the kids he has and be sort of “scared straight” education for Brown.

No, I don’t like Dwight Howard.

Anyway… if you want to see another side of Jaylen Brown, here he is talking to Slam about how he likes to make beats.

You can hear more of his beats in this piece from Slam. I’m all for him staying in his hotel room making beats for 10 hours rather than going out after games and Snap-chatting stripper-filled escapades.