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Just remember, most of us didn’t want this guy

Kevin_Durant Just browsing through the interwebs and came across this huge Slam article on how Kevin Durant is poised to become the game's next megastar.  He might… he might not.  But one thing is for sure, this kid is damn good, and he's only just getting started.

I just want everyone to remember that most of us… especially me and Chuck… were pissed at the mere notion of drafting this guy first.  Now, Greg Oden might develop into a very good player… but I guess it's worth offering Danny Ainge an apology, because I was told he would have drafted Kevin Durant first if they'd won that lottery a couple years ago… and I said some pretty ugly things.

Just goes to show one thing:  there's a reason why HE is running a championship NBA team, and we're running some random website.