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Let’s have one more party together (and maybe you can win a trip to Ireland!)

I’m so horribly, unforgivably late on thanking everyone for going to our party last Sunday.  But I have a really good reason:  It was so awesome, I’m really only just recovering.  We packed “The Place” (who were GREAT hosts) and turned it into a mini-Garden with the sea of green and “Beat LA” chants.

Thanks to all of you for going.  I know more of you wanted to go, but couldn’t.  But that’s ok.  Because last week’s party was just the warm up.  The REAL party is TOMORROW… because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day.  And we’re all going to throw the biggest St. Patrick’s day party ever.

Since we know how to throw a bash, the folks at Guinness came to us for some help in setting a world record.  And this is how it’s going to happen.

Step 1:  Go to Guinness.com

Step 2:  Register your pledge to attend the world’s biggest St. Patrick’s day party ever!

Step 3:  Enter the code REDS in the “Optional Code”

Bam.  You’re not only part of the world record… you’re now also entered to win a FREE TRIP TO IRELAND.  Now all you’ve got to do is hit the Guinness Pub Finder to find the closest establishment that will pour you the perfect pint, and we’re really partying.

But please, please, please… party responsibly.  Get a cab, a train, a horse and buggy, anything you can to get home safe.  We’ve got a lot more parties to throw, and a lot more basketball to watch.  And, quite frankly, Lakers fans are getting really uppity after yesterday’s trades… I need every single one of you to back us up when they start talking trash.

Good luck to all who entered.  Wherever you are tomorrow, be sure I’ll be at my local pub raising my pint with you.  We can coordinate a time if you’d like, but quite honestly, there’s a good chance whenever you’re out there with one… I’ll be having one too.