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Let’s just take a moment to enjoy this headline, and this team

Cs in first

That's the headline when you get to the Globe's site today.  

C's in first.

There are still weeks to go and a lot of games to play.  The Celtics could get hot and increase the lead… they could stay in this dogfight… or they could go cold and miss the playoffs altogether.  I really don't know what to expect. 

So here's what I'm going to do right now.  I'm going to just sit there and look at this headline today.  I'm going to appreciate the basketball hell this team has gone through with the lockout, injuries, heart issues… all of it.  And I'm going to enjoy the fact that throughout all of these circumstances that very well could have provided legitimate excuses for quitting… this team didn't. 

They didn't blow it up and trade half the team away.  They didn't implode and become a group of bickering fools.  They stuck together, rode out the storm, and fought their way back to the top of their division. 

I don't know where this team will go from here.  But for today, I'm going to appreciate the hell out of this team.