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Let’s remember Avery Bradley’s greatest plays

With Avery Bradley headed for Detroit, I thought this would be a good time to remember some of his greatest plays. Here’s a quick list I threw together during my lunch break.

10. Twisting lay-up beats the Knicks

9. Forcing OT vs Lakers

8. Swatting Russell Westbrook

7. Chasing down Norris Cole

6. Over the backboard shot vs Bucks

5. Dunking on Kevin Durant

4. Feeding Gordon Hayward dinner

3a. Game winner vs Cleveland Part I

3b. Suffocating Kryie Irving

2. Game winner vs Cleveland Part II Playoff Edition

1. Stuffing Dirty Dwayne Wade

Just an unbelievable defensive player. You’ll be missed Avery!

Special thanks to @mbken84