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Lockout won’t cost us a Celtics/Lakers matchup in Boston

Kg dunking on GasolIf there's one thing every Celtics fan looks forward to, it's the a game against the Lakers.  And even though the NBA season has been shortened to 66 games, it won't cost us a chance to boo Kobe, Pau and the rest of those pricks 

The Lakers will not visit every NBA city because they play only 18 games against Eastern Conference teams this season. They will not play at Chicago, New Jersey, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Atlanta and one other team.

The Lakers travel to Boston, Miami and Orlando but don’t play the Magic at Staples Center.

The actual schedule will be released tomorrow night.  One other note about the Lakers schedule: 

The Lakers won’t wait long for a dreaded back-to-back-to-back situation.

They are scheduled to play three games over the first three days of the season: Dec. 25 at home against Chicago, Dec. 26 at Sacramento and Dec. 27 at home against Utah.

This will be interesting.  On one hand, they get the 3-game stretch out of the way early.  On the other, they're playing 3-straight in Mike Brown's new system which will only have been practiced for a couple of weeks before implementation.  Could make for a rough start in LA.