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Match-up 11 “Celtics Sneaker Madness”

I was actually surprised at the results of our last round. The white Ray Allen Phase 23 beat out his blue/gray all-star version of the Air Jordan signature 2011 shoe. Now an away version of the Phase 23 goes into battle:

#11 Nate Robinson AJ III Silver Anniversary white/gray

It was fun to see all of the different heat that Nate rocked last year. He was a big fan Jordans, and wore these AJ III silver anniversaries on a few occasions. These were released as part of 25th ann. of Air Jordan.

               Nate1                             AjIIIclose            


#22 Ray Allen AJ Phase 23 green/black

Here's the away version of Ray's Phase 23's. These were first worn by SugarRay last season in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

pics via KicksOnFire & aaronknows

#11 Nate AJ III 25th Ann. vs #22 Ray Allen Phase 23 away