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Match-up 14 “Celtics Sneaker Madness”

Time for match-up #14. We're almost to the 2nd round. Nate's green/black Air Jordan II "Candy Pack" beat KG's gold Anta's 64 votes to 30 votes to take match-up #13. Match-up #14 features 2 Rondo p.e.'s:

#14 Rajon Rondo Hyperfuse 2010 low white 

This crisp, clean lowtop version of his ultra-light Hyperfuse is a player exclusive and was not released to the public.


#19 Rajon Rondo Hyperfuse 2010 green low


This green & black away version of the shoe is available over the internet and features his number "9" in black on the heel. Rondo will rock a new, 2011 version of the Hyperfuse this coming season.


#14 Rondo Hfuse 2010 low white vs #19 Rondo Hfuse 2010 low green