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Maybe KG didn’t [expletive] things up as much as we [expletive] thought

KG and SternEarlier today, we highlighted a report quoting a league source as KG [expletive]ing things up.  It's fun little image of KG glowering across the table, cursing and generally being KG. 

Except it wasn't like that.

There are no reports from the session, but it’s been confirmed that only the executive committee is here for the union. That means no Celtic players are involved.

So to those owners who blamed Kevin Garnett for things breaking down in the October 4th negotiation, this should mean that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

And, by the way, while Garnett’s anger didn’t help move things closer that day, word from league sources is that his effect on the talks is being overblown.

Remember what I said this morning?  That it was a [expletive] league source who has his own [expletive] agenda.  

I'm pretty sure the KG story is the same as it was this morning… he insisted on staying at 53%, other stars were with him, he acted a little like KG, and the meeting ended.  

The bottom line:  I don't trust a damn thing any league or owner sources say about how things went.