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Mike Gorman has some damn good logic for Hayward returning this year

Fred Toucher: Do you believe Brad Stevens when he says Hayward isn’t going to be playing this season?

Mike Gorman: I believe Brad believes that. Here’s my thing on Hayward. Everybody tells me that he’s working out 8-9 hours a day, just religiously working out, doing everything asked of him and more. It seems to me that if Gordon Hayward thought his next basketball game was next October, he might not be working out 9 hours a day right now. He might be working out 6, doing the minimum knowing it’s a long term thing. I think he’s working out with the idea that he can be ready by the end of the season. Now whether they want to activate him, play him or not, that’s a whole different question. But I truly believe that before the playoffs are over, we’ll see him in a Celtics uniform.


Whether you listen to it or read it, I don’t know how you can disagree with Mike Gorman.

His point is so logical that I’m ready to stop worrying about if Hayward will return this season and focus on my attention to when Hayward will return this season.

I might be mildly obsessed with Hayward’s health. It’s just that this Celtics team is so competitive with other elite teams. Hayward’s return could be HUGE.