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New video shows Gordon Hayward jumping a little bit!

Excuse me for a minute…

That is honest to goodness air under Hayward’s feet.


We’ve been told time and time again that Hayward is not expected back this season, which is probably true. It’s probably best to not expect Hayward back on an NBA floor this season.


It’s only March 2. The Conference Finals start in two and a half months. Hayward has a long way to go, and that’s a long way off.

I’m perfectly willing to accept that the ECF is a tough spot to put a guy just coming back from injury. Maybe he’s not quite ready enough to come back by then and, honestly, there’s no reason to push for it.

But… I’ll say it again…

That’s a perfectly reasonable time frame for a return, and if he’s physically and mentally healthy enough to come back, then he should come back. If his body and mind are both right… then he can help off the bench in that spot.

Who knows how it will go and I’m certainly going to go along with whatever the team doctors and Hayward say when we get there. All I’m saying is I’m not as ready to rule this out.