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No one quite knows what to make of Smart’s injury just yet

Marcus Smart hurt his thumb.  That is a factual statement. In fact, that’s just about the only factual statement that can be made about Smart’s injury without some debate at the moment.

The latest update is that Smart himself is trying to get more information on his injury, leaving everyone searching for answers. 

According to a league source, the team literally has no idea of Smart’s probability of return.

“(They’re) waiting for that second opinion,” a league source said today. “Don’t know if it’s a 50 percent chance or a 30 percent chance. Just don’t know.”

The question now seems to be surgery vs. rest and rehab. And while this sounds like a horrible choice at this point of the season I would just like to point out that Chris Paul once had similar surgery and was back in about five weeks. Five weeks is when the first round of the playoffs start. The typical non-surgical recovery from a sprained thumb is six weeks.

Of course, each injury is its own thing, and it’s impossible to know what’s going on until all the doctors finish looking at the thumb. Smart’s season my well be over… that’s a distinct possibility. Also possible, though, is Smart sitting out, getting the thumb right (or as right as possible) and coming back for the playoffs. Considering the Celtics are pretty safe as the second seed, there’s still hope Smart won’t miss any important games.