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Not even Evan Turner could believe Portland’s $70 million offer

In Zach Lowe’s latest column about the Blazers disappointing start, he shares a funny tale about Evan Turner’s free agency negotiations with the team:

Turner will be the scapegoat if Portland, now carrying the league’s third-highest payroll, ends up trapped in the middle. (He was almost as stunned as you by Portland’s mega-offer, by the way, which turned out to be for four years and $70 million. Turner’s agent made him promise not to tell anyone about the proposal until he signed it. Turner was too giddy, though. He hung up with his agent, immediately called Andre Iguodala, still a close friend and mentor, and blurted out, “Yo, Dre! They offered this!” Turner recalled, laughing. Iguodala told him to take the deal right away.)

No one is laughing right now in Portland. The Blazers are 8-8 and giving up nearly 112 ppg (3rd worst in the NBA).