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“Paaaul Pierce-for threeeee!”

Ah..how many times have I heard Eddie Palladino utter those words at the Garden. And at this point, God only knows when I'll get to hear it again. Well, fear not faithful RedsArmy readers, for once again I have scoured the vast reaches of the internet to bring you…a current Celtic..PLAYING BASKETBALL!

Ok-it's only a 3-minute clip with terrible audio, but at this point, I'll take it. This clip was shot by a fan during Pierce's American teams' 1st game in the Continental Basketball Championship. Have to say that per usual, Pierce looks to be in great shape and obviously has continued working-out this summer. Early in the clip, the opposing team is dumb enough to leave Paul wide-open on the wing and he buries a three. Be warned-the audio on this clip is pretty rough, so if you have headphones on, keep the sound low.

(video may take a few seconds to load)