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Rajon Rondo talked to Bill Belichick about playing for the Pats

Rajon rondo meets bill belichick

Or at least, so he says.  Rondo's been known to mess with people before. 

"I was actually serious, I talked to coach Belichick about that but I had a contract already with the Celtics so it didn't work out," Rondo told ABC.

Rondo WAS at a Patriots practice throwing the football around this past summer.  And frankly, even if he is messing with the media about this, I don't care.  It's more fun to believe he did it than get to skeptical about this.

We've seen him throw a football pretty well… 


And then there was the video of him catching footballs being fired at him from a machine.  Like I said in that story,  Rondo is taller and faster than Wes Welker.  In the end, though, I think he'd be the QB.  Maybe he'd run the option… or just be a flat out running QB who throws every once in a while.

I wish there was a way for him to get out there for just one game or practice.