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Ray Allen will play, blames ankle issues on his massive calves

Ray allen calves

Ray Allen has gone through shootaround and will play tonight vs. the New York Knicks.  Doc said the swelling in the ankle is gone and Ray will have no limitations on his play. 

Ray has had a history of ankle problems… and he says he knows why he's got recurring issues.   Because his calves are the size of bowling balls.

"I’ve been told that I have huge calf muscles my whole life," Allen, 36, said earlier this month. "But they’re always like the bane of my pain, of my existence, because I always feel tightness in there. When they do get tight, it keeps my ankles from moving."

Huge calf muscles?  That doesn't even do him justice.  It looks like someone sliced a cantaloupe in half and glued them to the back of his legs.  

That explains why sometimes you'll see those little discs on the back of his legs.  That's a remedy that he's trying to use to alleviate some of the tightness.  That's also why he's been wearing one high sock lately… he's trying to keep the entire right leg loose so his ankle can move.

I'm sure Ray's tried a lot of remedies, so here's hoping he finds the right one.