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Recap: Celtics pat 76ers on the head, put them to bed

Some might say it's a tad too early to write off the 76ers, but I'm gonna do it. The Celtics stomped all over the defenseless 76ers tonight, 103-79, and increased their lead in the Atlantic Division to 3 games.

Like me in a crowd of single ladies, the Celtics couldn't miss. Boston shot 58% from the field and 46% from 3. Straight money.

The Celtics continue to dominate with defense. They held Philly to 38% FG. The national pundits can continue to criticize Boston for their lack of offensive consistency, but at some point, they will have to address this dominant defense. Defense wins in the playoffs.

The Celtics kicked ass in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Seriously. 

How about this statistical gem from ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg - "C's second unit over the first six minutes of 2nd Q last two nights have outscored opponents 29-4. Only one FG allowed during those 12 mins." Call it the Ray Allen effect.

Rajon Rondo continues to dish. 15 more assists tonight. He had 9 in the 3rd quarter. He also made that ridiculous fadeaway jumper (seen above – courtesy Jose3030). Yes, he was sloppy at times (5 TOs), especially in the 1st half. 

How's this for a stat line: KG 20 points, 8-11 FG, 6 rebounds and +29.

WEEI's Paul Flannery tweeted out a good point: "The Celtics have 3 more weeks to convince the officials that the Stiemer can play defense without fouling." The dude is playing great defense (2 points, 3 rebounds, 3 blocks, 5 fouls), but has yet to earn the respect of officials (who make blind calls without really watching the play).

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