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Refs missed Rondo calling time out on last play of regulation

Rondo time out

So I was watching the last play of the game to see what happened and whether the Celtic could have gotten a better shot.  What I saw, though, was something that the referees missed and it should have given the Celtics a chance at a better look to end the game. 

With 2.4 seconds left, Rajon Rondo sees Paul Pierce is in trouble.  He immediately begins signaling for a time out.  Here it is in full speed.  Watch Rondo (circled in the photo) and how adamantly he's calling for time out.


It happens at the :14 mark. 

My problem is that all three referees on the floor were watching the ball, rather than the whole play.  Their job is to watch the whole floor, not gawk at the ball handler.  Who knows what the Celtics might have drawn up in 2.4 seconds, but it would have been better than Pietrus fading away from almost 30 feet away. 

As for the play itself, Pierce had Ray open for a second, but he had Artest in his way and it wasn't the easiest pass in the world.  I would have loved to see KG roll a little bit as a safety valve for a foul line jumper and maybe some action on the weak side between Rondo and Pietrus to maybe get one of those guys open as a plan C.  

The execution of the play wasn't great.  Pierce had no options after he picked up his dribble and I guarantee you that play as drawn up by Doc does.  

But still, referees NEED to see the entire floor.  And there has been a repeated issue with refs not hearing time out.  Doc went nuts trying to call a time out earlier in the game.  And check out this video of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich trying to call a time out for like four seconds a few days ago.  These guys need to wake up.

2.4 seconds is a long enough time to get a decent shot off.  The C's should have had a better shot than they did, regardless of how the play was executed.