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Rondo for Pau Gasol rumors just won’t die


The NY Post’s Peter Vecsey is the latest to stir the pot:

If the Lakers indeed are interested in signing Rasheed Wallace — a logical step-down from flirting with Gilbert Arenas—it lends credence to the Rajon Rondo/Jermaine O’Neal-Pau Gasol swap I keep hearing. Lord knows they’re desperate for a point guard and Rondo is exceedingly obtainable and Kobe Bryant loves his “any means possible” style.

Gasol is an extremely talented big man, but I don’t like this trade. I realize size is a premium in the NBA, but… alright, I’ll admit it… Gasol’s appearance creeps me out. I can’t get past it.

How would this deal affect the Celtics salary cap? Gasol’s contract runs for two more years at $19 million per season.

Danny Ainge will still have the cap space created by the expiring contracts of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and others. 

And as the Herald’s Steve Bulpett points out, Ainge has the option of using the amnesty clause on Paul Pierce’s contract if he’s stuck in a corner.

Kobe loving Rondo. Gasol in Celtics green. Amnesty and Paul Pierce in the same sentence. Geez… I like nothing about this post.

(h/t Celtics Blog)