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Rondo, KG and life inside the Celtics lockerroom

KGRondoYou MUST read this article by Holly MacKenzie of Ball Don't Lie. MacKenzie provides fantastic insight into Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and the dynamics of Celtics lockerroom, courtesy of Keyon Dooling.

Here's what Dooling said about the perception of Rajon Rondo's grumpy personality:

"It's funny because there were a lot of people who didn't necessarily talk before the game. John Stockton was a guy who never talked before the game, never signed autographs or anything like that and he was known as a gentleman and a saint so the spin that Rondo has is definitely a misconception. If you ask the guys in the locker room, I'd tell you that everybody is with him. If I have to go down a dark alley, I want to go down there with him. As a matter of fact, behind him because he's a great leader."

That wasn't the only reference Dooling made to one of Utah's finest, though.

"I haven't seen a point guard run the pick and roll like him and Kevin Garnett since Stockton and Malone."

"We've got to glorify and appreciate what he is and stop talking about what he's not."

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of Rondo's personality. Do I know the guy personally? No. Am I in the locker room? No. I can only form opinion based on what I read and the ratio of negative/positive stories about Rondo's demeanor must be 10-to-1. 

Dooling says Rondo is learning from Kevin Garnett. And judging by what Keyon thinks of KG, that's a smart move by Rajon:

"He's incredible. I guarantee you if you did a poll of everybody who has played with Kevin Garnett, I guarantee you he would probably be 98% of people's favorite teammate. He is that guy. He is that guy. He's the glue. If somebody is not going well, he's the guy to pick him up. If there's a problem, He's the one to address it. If somebody needs to be taken up for, he's the one to do that, if there's a question that needs to be asked and somebody doesn't want to ask it, he does that. He is amazing."

God, I love KG. I really hope he sticks around for another year or two.

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