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Rondo’s in shape, doesn’t think lockout will affect team chemistry

Rondo slam pose 2 Rajon Rondo talked to Dime Magazine primarily because of his Red Bull "King of the Rock" 1-on-1 event, but he touched on a couple of lockout items. 

Dime: Some players need that structure of camp to keep from getting out of shape. Are you one of those at risk?
RR: No, I think I’m pretty fortunate because my conditioning is good. Like I said, I’m training as if we’re having a season, so I’m not worried about getting out of shape. The longer (the lockout) goes I might not be in the same condition I’d be if we were having games, but I’ll be in good enough shape to make it through.

Dime: During the NFL lockout they said the biggest losers were the quarterbacks, because they missed out on time to develop chemistry with their receivers, learn the playbook and everything else. Do you think it’ll be the same for point guards during the NBA lockout?
RR: I think it’s different for me because I have a veteran team. We’ve played with each other for five years; that’s absolutely to our advantage. With our camaraderie and chemistry, I’m not worried about our timing and anything like that. Our starting five is pretty much the same.

We've already seen some of Rondo's workouts, and even though his elbow has taken a while to heal, he looks like he's right where he should be at this point of the offseason.  

Rondo was asked who would win in a C's only 1-on-1 as well, 

RR: Probably me. I mean, we play a little 1-on-1 sometimes. Paul’s pretty good – he’s probably the best 1-on-1 player we have – ’cause he can score inside and outside, and he can check guards and bigs. So I could say Paul, or I could say I’d win.

Of course he says he'd win.  That's what we love about him.  That confidence seems to be in mid-season form.

Photo: SLAM