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Ronny Turiaf will go to Miami

Ronny turiafWell, there goes another one off the market.

Turiaf, a 6-foot-10 forward, gives the Heat a strong rebounding and defensive presence as they fortify themselves for a title run. For the Heat, Turiaf gives them another tough, experienced veteran to defend the Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The deal will be announced later Wednesday, league sources said.

It's hard to fault the guy.  The Celtics need him more, but how can you pass on probably the best team in the league, in gorgeous weather, and a state with no income tax?

Welcome to the end of the Big 3 era… even the best of the leftovers are passing on Boston.  My only defense is finding a picture of the guy that looks douchey enough to make us feel better about it.