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Am I the only one who sees/feels/senses the Celtics' swagger this year? I know we are just two games into the pre-season but it's there. The guys are looking, walking, talking and playing with such confidence. Maybe it's all in my head. That life-size mural of KG holding the O'Brien trophy that I had painted on my living room wall might be fueling my dementia.

Bill Walker reminds me of Tony Allen during his rookie season. A guy we really didn't know much about who bursts onto the scene with a variety of high-flying dunks. Let's hope a serious injury doesn't derail this freight train.

As for the one roster cut the Celtics need to make, a decision might not come until the end of pre-season:

“Someone who can really play won’t make our team,” Rivers said. “But we’re still going to need a lot of time to get a look at what we have. I could see it going to the last day.”

The decision is made in my mind. It's Brian Scalabrine. Period.

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