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Taking Stock: Celtics – Bulls

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


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Rajon Rondo:  After two huge scoring games, Rajon settled back into more of an all-around mode.  A 17-8-7 night is pretty damn good.  Of course, that's not good enough for some people, but Rondo was doing a bit of everything out there.  Had some people hit shots they normally make, Rondo would have probably had a 12 assist night. 


Paul Pierce:  He's one of those missing shots he'd normally make.  Pierce came out hot early, but after 6 early points, he only hit for 8 the rest of the way.  He's been off lately, and I'm wondering why.

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Kevin Garnett: 18 points and 10 rebounds should be enough from KG on most nights.  Not sure what else to ask of the guy.

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Jermaine O'Neal:  6 points, 4 rebounds, and a -18.  He was KILLED on the boards out there… he sets bad screens for Ray Allen… and he's a liability on offense.  He got a pass a foot from the basket last night and dribbled, spun, and shot a fadeaway that missed.  Bench him and start Wilcox.  It's time.
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Ray Allen:  This has nothing to do with his shooting. Guys get cold… I get that.  But Ray's biggest problem right now is he cost us a few plays last night defensively.  And Ray's dribbling and passing abilities have gotten worse.   



Sideways_double_arrowChris Wilcox: I know I just said start Wilcox over Jermaine then proceeded to give him a the 50/50 assessment.  He needs to get better defensively.  On one play, he got so lost after a pick that Paul Pierce had to leave Luol Deng alone in the corner to cover Wilcox's ass and close off a lane for a lay up.  Deng, of course, nailed the 3.  Little breakdowns have big repercussions.


Mickael Pietrus:  He's gone cold from deep.  But he did grab 7 rebounds. 

Sideways_double_arrow JaJuan Johnson:  The kid has taken a little step back.  His jumper is a little off and it's clear that people weren't wrong about him needing to get stronger.  He needs to be able to hold his position out there.  ONE rebound in 10 minutes will NOT get the job done.

Sideways_double_arrowKeyon Dooling:  Still working his way back, so I'll take it easy on him.  For now.

Sideways_double_arrowAvery Bradley:  Yeah, I get it… the "Honey Badger" is still great.  But he really is not very good as a point guard.  I'm sick of watching this kid fumble the ball as he's dribbling and then miss open jump shots.  If I'm the opposing coach, I put someone on Bradley full court the second he checks in for Rondo.  This is a problem.



Doc Rivers:  The zone worked a little but guys keep getting lost.  I'll repeat: bench Jermaine O'Neal.  Let him defend second-unit guys and block shots.  The second unit's production has been terrible lately, so maybe letting JO block a couple of shots with the bench will get them going.  And while we're talking about a lack of bench production… where the hell has E'Twaun Moore been?  The bench needs a spark and the kid can shoot.  Play him.



If Ray Allen shoots a little better and Pierce & KG make shots they should down the stretch, this game might have been different. The first quarter was really good, the second quarter was really bad, but the Celtics had a chance to win against a pretty good Bulls team even without Derrick Rose.  It's a horribly frustrating loss, but the C's still had chances.  The question now is, are the Celtics too old or past their prime to eventually capitalize on those chances?