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Taking Stock: Celtics – Rockets

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Sideways_double_arrowRajon Rondo:  He came out like a house on fire, but then he slowed down.  And then, of course, there was the bobble.  Tough ending to what was going to be another spectacular night.   

Green arrowPaul Pierce:  He's only averaging 30.3 points per game so far in March.  He's also averaging 5.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists this month, so he's back to doing a bit of everything.  I don't know what the hell it was that woke him up, but I'd sure like to buy some.  

Green arrowRay Allen:  He missed a 4th quarter free throw, which we could have used, and it would have been great if he hit that shot to end the game (how the hell did he get so wide open?).  But the C's don't even get into a position for Ray to take that shot without Ray making some big ones earlier.   

Green arrowKevin Garnett:  Ho-hum… another double-double.  Sometimes it feels like he's the only guy rebounding out there. Probably because his 13 rebounds were 4 more than the entire bench combined and only 3 less than the other 4 starters combined.

Sideways_double_arrowBrandon Bass:  8 points and 4 rebounds don't sound like much but he was out there on a rolled ankle.  He still managed a very un-Brandon-like 3 assists.  


Sideways_double_arrowAvery Bradley:  He had a few good moments, but he had a few terrible ones too.  There's definitely some "good with the bad" dynamic with Bradley right now. 

Red arrowKeyon Dooling:  Doc Rivers trusts his veterans a lot.  And while sometimes I can see why he has faith in Dooling to do step up, sometimes I can't.

Sideways_double_arrowMickael Pietrus:  Missed a couple of shots, grabbed a few rebounds… otherwise, he didn't do much.  We're going to need him to start stepping up a little more consistently.

Sideways_double_arrowChris Wilcox:  Missed a couple of shots, grabbed a few rebounds… otherwise, he didn't do much.  We're going to need him to start stepping up a little more consistently (c'mon, bench… step it up).

Green arrowGreg Stiemsma:  What does it say about your bench that Stiemer, pressed into early action, scored 8 points almost immediately and never played again.. but STILL led the bench in scoring.  Not only that, his 8 points matched the rest of the bench combined (Dooling-0. Pietrus-0, Wilcox-4, Bradley-4).

Sideways_double_arrowJaJuan Johnson, Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic 


Sideways_double_arrowDoc Rivers:  My patience with Dooling is running lower and lower.  We'll see what the rotation brings tonight, but these guys have played a LOT of minutes lately.


Green arrowThe bench mostly stunk, the team went into a malaise, and they got crushed on the boards.  But hey, it happens.  Orlando lost to Charlotte last night and the Lakers lost to the Pistons… so in perspective an OT win over a good Houston team ain't all bad.  Plus, we had the Big 3 stepping up to deliver the win… which we haven't seen a whole lot of this season.  

I'm focusing on the positives.  I'm fully aware of the negatives, but my bitching about them won't change those negatives and neither will yours.  The Celtics won despite those negatives, and that's a good thing.