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The 8th Seed… Episode 2

"The 8th Seed" is a monthly podcast that was born from the Blogs with Balls conference.  I know I've said it before, but it's something I'm really proud and happy to be a part of.

One of the really cool things is the rotating host concept… so everyone gets a shot at it.  It was my turn this month.  We talked about the Allen Iverson saga… Sheed in Boston… someone compares the summer league to "2 girls 1 cup"… and we even mix in some of Ron Artest's tribute song to Michael Jackson.  It's a really great 42 minutes… if I do say so myself.

Here's a rundown of the participants: 

Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard and eightpointsnineseconds.com
Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom and Talk Hoops

Adam Best of FanSided

Glenn Moore of The Dugout Sports Show

Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass

Jeff Garcia and Michael DeLeon of Project Spurs 

So without further ado… here's the second episode of The 8th Seed.  Beware: NSFW language

Click here to Download 'The 8th Seed Episode 2.mp3'(17068.3K) and listen to it later. To hear previous episodes, visit The8thSeed.com