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The Celtics lottery luck has to change tonight, doesn’t it?

Here we go again. Thanks to what might be the greatest NBA trade in the last 30+ years (time will tell if this deal is even better than Red’s heist that landed McHale and Parish), the Celtics are back in the NBA draft lottery. It’s a place that has not been kind to Boston.

The Celtics odds to secure the #1 pick were significantly better in 1997 (36% – 25%) because Boston owned 2 picks and the NBA’s worst team – the expansion Vancouver Grizzlies – was precluded from picking #1. All that and we still got shafted.

In 2007, we had a 37% chance to get a top 2 pick in 2007 but fell to 5th. Tough to bitch about that because all roads led to KG and the new Big 3.

Now here we are with a 46.5% chance at a top 2 pick.

Numbers are numbers, but I am more comfortable looking at this bar graph. For some reason, it makes me feel like the Celtics have better odds.

I realize the Celtics are in pretty good shape no matter what happens tonight. But goddamnit I want to win this draft lottery just once. JUST ONCE!

See you at 8:30pm.