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The minutes are adding up

Peter May recently noted that Kevin Garnett will likely join the 40,000 minutes played club this year.  Shaq will too… so they'll be the 24th and 25th players to hit that mark. 

There are 12 active players in the top 110 all-time minutes played (Source: basketball-reference.com.  Note, they list Stephon Marbury and Dikembe Mutombo as "active."  I'm not.).  I'm going to 110 all-time because that's where Pierce is.  Of those 12 active players… 4 will wear Celtics green next year:

Garnett (39,635 min. 27th all time)
Ray Allen (35,099 min. 54th all time)
Rasheed Wallace (34,167 min, 66th all time)
Pierce (30,525 min. 110th all time)

A couple of other teams have 2 players on the list:  Dallas (Jason Kidd-41,555 min, 8th all time & Dirk Nowitzki-30,693 min, 104th all time) and San Antonio (Michael Finley-37,288 min, 39th all time & Tim Duncan-33,138 min, 80th all time).  And these don't include playoff minutes.

We knew the C's were getting older age-wise… but I think the minutes played numbers are the real numbers to watch.  And that's why we keep harping on Doc to rest these guys.  These guys can't be logging 3,000 minutes per season anymore.  For reference:  Andre Iquodala led the league in minutes played last year with 3,269.  Pierce was 10th with 3,035 and we watched him run out of gas in the playoffs.

Just using round numbers:  30 minutes per game equal 2,460 minutes over the regular season.  35 minutes per game equals 2,870.  As a fan, I see no excuse other than injury to a bench player for any of our Big 3 to log more than 2,800 minutes this regular season.  That's the cap.  That's where the odometer flips and we start hoping we can get a few more miles out of the car before it breaks down and leaves us stranded. We've got a deep bench this year.  We've got to make sure we use it.


  1. And as the minutes rise, so does the bodies warranty begin to run out. Hope these guys are Honda’s
    Can Doc really change and reduce minutes? My guess is we will be seeing KG running a few 40+ minute games early in the season. Doc will be Doc


  2. except doc is extremly strict with kevin garnetts minutes…..hes averaged 32 and 31 minutes in his 2 years with the celtics. the 2 lowest mpg in his career other then his rookie season
    Doc overplayed pierce and allen last season, has never overplayed KG, and i guarantee you he wont this season either


  3. Yes, Doc will be Doc. I think the only way Doc will change is if the bench players can show Doc they are worthy of minutes, hungry, energetic, consistent and productive. If Sheed, Baby, House,and Daniels can come off the bench playing great night in and night out then Doc will change. But if they are inconsistent then back to the same old story 35 – 40 plus minutes for our stars.


  4. Well, I can’t agree with the main point here.
    Machines wear out with use… the more miles on a car, the more wear and tear… it’s a direct proportion. But living things are different… they are constantly REPAIRING themselves. The key factors are age and overall health… i.e., the ability to keep repairing one’s body… NOT how much you’ve used your body. Younger/healthier people fair better because they repair better.
    To see the point more clearly, let’s compare YOUR body to that of any highly-trained athlete like KG. If you played ONE game with his intensity… to say nothing of 3 or 4, or, god-forbid, a month or more… you’d be needing intensive physical therapy, probably tear something, maybe drop dead of a heart attack. And yet… gee, you’ve HARDLY used your body compared to KG, right?
    So it’s NOT the ‘miles’ you’ve put on your body that counts, but the training you’ve had, your overall health (as affected in part by genetics, age, past injuries, nutrition, luck, etc.), the care & treatment you get… in short, the ability of your body to withstand stress and repair itself.
    KG can go on and on so long as he can continue to repair himself. The only influence minutes have is that the more minutes he plays, the higher the probability that he will sustain a serious injury. That, of course, is unavoidable and real. But it’s not like there’s a clock somewhere counting down the minutes he, or anyone, can play.


  5. the reason we brought it a solid bench is so that we can keep our starting 5 healthy for the championship drive in April May and June. So believe me we are gona need Daniels and Sheed and Shelden and Baby and House and even Walker Giddens and Scal…Team effort baby.. Also completely outta nowhere.. Can we change the C’s intro song this year?? Its been Ayo Technology by Timberlake and 50 Cent, 2 years running, I wanna beast it up a little bit. Any ideas for a good Hip Hop song? It has to be hip hop kuz the whole team is black and they want want any goofy rockNroll shit


  6. lmao, yeah ride or die minus the swears would be fucking sick. K.G might need to be restrained if that happens.