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The Streak is Over
Yes, this guy beat us.

I want to blame the bench for this loss (13 total points, Powe and House combined for 3 pts), but that's hard to do when the game is tied at 81 with 3 minutes left. Pau Gasol (yes – PAU GASOL) dominated crunch time with 7 points and 1 huge blocked shot.

The Lakers were the more physical team because the referees allowed them to be. Anytime the Celtics amped up their play, their were whistled for some BS foul.

Bynum is a pretty good shot blocker, but offensively he's not even close to a $57 million player.

Lakers 92 Celtics 83 : Box Score | Recap

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  1. The Lakers got a hard earned win. They deserved to win that game. I find it funny that the Celtics fans complain about the officiating in that game when the Lakers only got 7 more ft’s than the Celtics (but won by 9), and they don’t think there is anything wrong with 38-10 ft advantage in the finals (they only won by around 6). And you can’t complain about the reffing ruining your streak because you wouldn’t have the streak if the refs didn’t win the Celtics the games against the Hawks (both times), Hornets, Jazz, Pacers (in Indiana), and Bucks.


  2. Good game. I thought Boston played hard toda and earned their 16-point vict.. oh wait. Just kidding. Lakers 09 Champs!


  3. Laker fans and the Celtic fans both have been waiting for this game since the season started, so please stop acting as if you don’t care. You can say “Lakers think they just won a championship” and things like that, but what you don’t seem to understand is the Lakers just want revenge in the two regular season games because Boston WILL NOT be in NBA Finals. Cleveland took Boston to seven games in last season’s playoffs and are much improved this time around!!!
    LAKERS vs CAVS 2009 NBA Finals
    But don’t worry Celtic fans, you can still watch the Lakers beat the team you could’nt beat in the eastern conference! Hope that helps the pain….lol