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The Truth greets fans in Beijing

Paul Pierce's trip to China for the 2011 Continental Basketball Championship continues. Here's a quick clip a fan shot from Paul's first appearance. It was at the Wangjing Mall in Beijing. Not much happpens here other than Paul dunking to the delight of a group of young fans. Going to be in China from August 24th-28th? Well then be sure and get some tickets! Pierce, Michael Beasley and Tyson Chandler will all be playing for the Kentucky Bisons of the ABA. You can buy tickets, see some more video and generally get confused here.  



Pierce was also part of a chat with fans.  Here's a link.  If you have Google Chrome, it will automatically translate for you.  If you don't, then you've got to run it through a translator on your own.  If you can't, then you're missing out on him talking about his favorite food an expressing confidence in the Celtics.