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Ultimate 1-on-1 matchup #2: Sam Jones vs. Dino Radja

1-on-1 Day 1 gave us a wild 1-on-1 Green Bracket matchup between Bob Cousy and Robert Parish.  The voting went back-and-forth between the two with Bob Cousy ultimately pulling it out.  The final voting was 108-107… amazing.  Congrats, Cooz, you now get to face 8th overall seed Kevin Garnett in the next round.

Today, we head over to the White Bracket (where Paul Pierce is the #1 seed).  Our Ultimate 1-on-1 game today pits 10th overall seed Sam Jones against #23 Dino Radja. Here's the breakdown.

(10) Sam Jones
1-on-1 Advantage:  Shooting. Jones used the bank shot as a deadly weapon.  Super-quick first step allows him to clear space.

1-on-1 Disadvantage: at 6'4" and less than 200 lbs, he could be pushed around by a stronger player.

(23) Dino Radja

1-on-1 Advantage:  Size.  At 6'11", Radja can be a big roadblock in the lane.  He also displayed a decent mid-range touch.  

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Speed. Not very quick, Radja can be succeptible to a quick guard.  If he backs off a quick guard, a good shooter can pick him off from deep.