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Ultimate 1-on-1: Tommy Heinsohn vs. Cedric Maxwell

1-on-1 John Havlicek had no problem with Rajon Rondo yesterday, taking 72% of the votes. He'll move on to face Kevin McHale in a few days.  It's our first completed quarterfinal bracket. 

The next completed quarterfinal bracket will come once this matchup is settled.  Next week, our top seeds, Larry Bird and Paul Pierce will enter the fray as we fill out the other quarterfinal brackets. 

First things first, though.  Today's matchup pits the two Celtics color commentators against each other.  It's TV's Tommy Heinsohn vs. radio's Cedric Maxwell.  It's a 2-7 matchup in the Green Bracket.  Here's the tale of the tape (overall seed in parentheses).

(4) Tommy Heinsohn
1-on-1 Advantage: Scoring, rebounding.  Tommy could score points, though he was a bit of a volume scorer (more on that in the disadvantage).  Tommy's got enough size (6'7", 218) to score down low if he wanted to.  In fact, he loved to take hook shots, which were very difficult to block.

1-on-1 Disadvantage: Shooting
Tommy wasn't the most accurate of scorers.  He never shot better than 43% in any season.  He made up for it by being a teriffic rebounder.  In a 1-on-1 situation, he'll have to do a lot of following his own shots to get some put-backs. 

(13) Cedric Maxwell

1-on-1 Advantage:  Scoring, size.  Max could score pretty much anywhere from 10-feet and in.  And he has a very good array of moves around the basket to find the bottom of the net.  Also an underrated rebounder who once averaged just under 10 a game. 

1-on-1 Disadvantage: Bulk.  Can get pushed around a little by a stronger post player.  Not a great shot blocker.