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Walter McCarty will help you get laid


I remember when Walter (sorry… WALTAH!) McCarty was playing for the C's.  He'd occasionally sing the national anthem and I'd think "he's pretty good for a basketball player." 

But get Walter in a studio, get the right mix, and some decent background vocals, and you've got yourself some decent baby-makin' music.  In fact, Walter's music career is going well enough for him to put on a show in Kentucky.  Here's the flyer, via TBJ:

Night with Walter
So if you're going to be in the Lexington, Kentucky area on August 28, I suggest you take your baby out to a nice dinner, maybe a romantic walk in the park, and then the Walter McCarty concert.

If you can't make it, just go to Walter's website… put on some music… lower the lights… and the rest will take care of itself.