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We’ve Been Here Before

Ever take a wrong turn somewhere… or miss an exit… and then you have to double back to wherever you're going?  And on the way, have you ever had a wife or girlfriend in your ear saying "we're lost… why don't you pull over?  Why don't guys ever ask for direction?  Why aren't you saying anything to me?"  And then you're like "I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING… JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!"  And so on… and so on… and so on… until you get to back to your route with hardly a missed beat?

Well, that's this Celtics season.  After a lot of emotional distress, the Celtics are pretty much right back where they were last year.  Be The Three has the stats to prove it.

'07-08                                    '08-09

Off. Efficiency **    110.2                                     109.8

Def. Efficiency **    98.9                                      99.6

Pace Factor **         90.9                                      91.0

FG%                          47.3                                      48.1

Opp. FG%                42.1                                       42.3

3-point %                38.1                                        37.3

Some interesting stuff there, including a look at how a lot of the players are doing individually (and confirmation of what our eyes see)

CelticsBlog found this interesting post from a Lakers board:  The blueprint for beating the Lakers.

And a few links were posted to funny anti-Kobe videos in response to Chuck's post last night.  In case you didn't see them there, I'm posting them here.

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