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Your Afternoon Dump… China sets strict rules for NBA players


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Earlier this afternoon, Sina Sports, quoting an anonymous figure connected to the CBA, reported that the Chinese Basketball Association  is planning to institute two special new rules for next season in response to the ever-growing list of NBA players who have declared interest towards playing in China: First, teams will not be allowed to include an out-clause into any contract with an active NBA player and second, that each team will be allowed to sign only one active NBA player.

Said the anonymous source, ”The CBA isn’t the NBA’s backyard. If we didn’t make a rule about players playing here temporarily, then they’d all just leave in the middle of the season. That would affect our season greatly.”

If the CBA indeed goes ahead with the new rules, then its unlikely that any big stars will come here to play next season. Up to this point, all player interest has been based around signing an out-clause, a stipulation which would allow a player to return immediately to the NBA whenever the lockout ends. Any rule forcing an active NBA player to play  a full year in China would essentially kill all interest from players currently under contract.


I'm pretty sure I've never sided with the Chinese government… until now. I can't blame them for not wanting their state run basketball league to be used by NBA players seeking refuge from the lockout.

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