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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo talks about being ready


Rajon Rondo participated in the final game of UK's "Big Blue All-Stars" tour last night. His team fell to a "villains" team, that was coached by the anti-Wildcat, Christian Laettner. Rondo's steal in the final seconds of regulation helped his squad tie the game, but they eventually fell in OT 152-149.  Rondo did have 21 points and 14 assists in the game, which we bring up simply because its nice to type the line "Rondo did have 21 points and 14 assists".

Afterwards, Rondo gave a very Rondo interview touching on a few little topics, including having to back off his workouts a little so he doesn't overdue it, and John Calipari's comment that "Rondo will have a knockout year


video via Kyle Tucker

There's no video of him at the game just yet (at least none that we've found) but as soon as we find some we'll pass it along.