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Your Morning Dump… Lakers bloggers don’t realize their team is old


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In the video above, Lakers bloggers Brian and Andy Kamenetzky, along with radio guy Dave Miller, chat about the favorites in the Eastern Conference in 2012, and how the Lakers match-up against them.

Guess what? They completely dismiss the Celtics as an old team with no chance. 

I'm not denying the fact the Celtics are an aging team. But how is it an old team like the Celtics is easily dismissed, while an older team like the Lakers is considered a contender?

According to Hoopism, the Lakers are the second oldest team in the NBA. Whether you measure them by average players age or by a formula that factors minutes played, the Lakers are older than the Celtics.

And haven't we learned anything from the reigning champion Dallas Mavericks, a team which happens to be the oldest in the league? 

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