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Your Morning Dump… Remembering a Celtics draft pick who died on 9/11


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In the mid-1980s, Dan ‘The Man’ Trant wore jersey #12 for Marian basketball club and the Irish national team. On September 11th 2001 Dan Trant had been working in the World Trade Centre.”

It turned out that Trant had grown up in one of those steadfastly Irish Massachusetts homes – his grandparents came from Dingle and Salthill – with Clancy Brother LPs and Kennedy brother photographs. He was an exceptional athlete and although his height meant that he ended up playing Division Three college ball, he enjoyed such a brilliant career with Clark College that he was drafted by the Celtics.

He was the last pick at 225 – Michael Jordan went third that year. In truth, Trant’s selection by the Boston side was a gesture to a local talent more than a cold-headed recruitment: Trant was never going to break into a team that had just won the NBA championship.

But still, he spent a summer playing ball with Bird and company which is, I think, more magical than if he had hung around the fringes of the squad for a season.

Irish Times

In the ten years since 9/11, I don't recall the story of Celtics draft pick Dan Trant dying at ground zero. There are just too many heart-wrenching stories.  

May Dan "The Man" and the other 2,974 victims of 9/11 rest in peace.

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