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Your Morning Dump… Where Brad’s a better coach than a chauffeur.

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We didn’t have a driver (in Boston),” Hayward said on the podcast. “(Stevens was) the one that picked me up and the one that drove me to the hotel and we got lost a couple times on the way.”

Added Hayward: “It was funny because when we landed in — and this is kind of just different approaches, I guess, different styles, maybe, of the visits. But when we landed in Miami we were immediately greeted with the Miami security, the guy in charge of security for Miami. And we had a police escort, and an undercover policeman rolling behind us. And we get to the hotel, and we’re going through a backdoor, just nobody bothers us, and we (go) right to the room, and it was, like, really just first-class as far as security is concerned. Like, there were no annoyances, anything like that.

“And then you get to Boston and you just have Brad and Shrews at the terminal, no security whatsoever. I’m taking pictures at baggage claim with fans. Just kind of completely the opposite. Just, like I said, a different style of doing it. But when we got there you just — I had an immediate sense of familiarity. And it did kind of bring me back to the recruiting days with Brad.”


And there you have it. You couldn’t imagine a more Pat Riley or Brad Stevens way of going about things.

It’s also kind of interesting to hear Hayward talk about avoiding ‘annoyances’ and nobody ‘bothering him’ in Miami, and then talk about ‘taking pictures at the baggage claim with fans’ in Boston.

Presumably, those were the sort of ‘annoyances’ that the assorted security and police were there to prevent, and yet, it doesn’t seem like Hayward was particularly annoyed while posing for pics.

He called me July 1 and after that phone call I thought like this isn’t going to be any different. With him, it was one of those things where he made me feel like even if I don’t go to Boston, it’ll be fine and we’ll still have that great relationship and he’ll still be in my corner and he’ll still be rooting for me and supporting me. So I got that feeling, too.

Time and again, I’m surprised that there aren’t more guys like Stevens coaching at a high level. Certainly, there’s something inefficient about how coaching talent is recognized and hired in the pros. Of course, then I look at the front offices in this league, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Hayward’s full conversation w/Woj

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Page 2: Where Tatum’s gotta earn his minutes

Jayson Tatum finds himself in a situation nearly identical to Brown’s, if not even more difficult. He was the No. 3 pick in the 2017 NBA draft, a highly regarded one-and-done wing. He’s much too valuable a player and asset to sit on the bench all year, but the Celtics are now established. They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. They have lots of wings, including Brown (a No. 3 pick) and Gordon Hayward, their prized free-agent acquisition of the summer. To crack the rotation, Tatum is going to need to prove he can contribute to a team that hopes to have an outside shot at making the NBA Finals.

That starts on defense, where the Celtics have informed Tatum that they would like him to guard positions 1-4. If he can hang defensively, he’ll need to be versatile offensively as well — knocking down triples to space the floor, and getting to both the rim and the free-throw line on a consistent basis. According to Brown, via the Vertical, you “almost have to be perfect” to crack the rotation.


So, yeah, we’re looking at a possibly better overall prospect competing for playing time in an even more stacked lineup. It’s going to be fun to watch Tatum develop this season.

One thing’s for certain, he’s not going to get the keys to anything on this team–the only guy picked in the top five that isn’t going to be expected to contribute right off the bat.

Finally: LeBron has been working closely with Derrick Rose

Let’s all just please, please, stop pretending that LeBron isn’t running this team.

And that means LeBron gets to own what just happened.

LeBron just replaced Kyrie with Derrick Rose. On a one year vet’s minimum deal. And unless the Cavs trade Kyrie for expiring contracts, they’re going to be hosed next year, but that won’t be LeBron’s problem, because he just got a readymade excuse to take his passive-aggressive self-centered manipulative circus act to LA, and he’s going to leave behind a moldering compost heap of a team just like he did in 2010. But hey, maybe they’ll win the lottery three times in four years again.

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