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Your Morning Dump… Where Perk wanted to fight everybody

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Sergeant Marc Levy said Beaumont police were called after Perkins arrived with a large group of people and threatened to start fighting. Perkins had gone to the club after leaving a party, Levy said.

“He got drunk and wanted to fight everybody,’’ Levy said. “Almost started a big to-do.’’

His friends tried to calm him down and get him out of the club, Levy said, but Perkins did not want to leave.

“He refused and started cursing,’’ Levy said. “He was his own worst enemy.’’

Globe – Ex-Celtics center arrested in Texas after nightclub outburst

A statement from police in Beaumont, Texas, said officers saw a large crowd outside The Ticket night club just after 2 a.m., and received complaints of fights and pepper spray inside.

An officer saw about 50 people inside around Perkins, who police said was attempting to fight the club’s manager. The statement said the crowd pushed Perkins out the back door of the club, where he continued to yell obscenities and start other fights.

Herald – Kendrick Perkins arrested in Texas at nightclub

Who hasn't become a tad belligerent after a night of binge drinking?

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