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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce could miss the opener


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Is he worried about the Knicks game for Pierce?

“I’m concerned now,” Rivers said. “For after that, I’m not that concerned, but for the 25th, yeah, I’m concerned about it.”

Pierce stayed home when the Celts went to Toronto over the weekend, and he fully expected to be back with his mates by yesterday. But things changed when the heel responded poorly to a Monday session.

“He felt good,” Rivers said. “We told him to go out and work. He did some one-on-one work with some of the guys, and his foot was extremely sore (yesterday). Hell, that’s just the way it rolls right now. I’m concerned, not long term, but I am concerned short term. We have those two games right off the bat, and he’s gone one practice, that’s basically it. So, yeah, I’m concerned about it.

“It’s a heel. It’s a bruise. He went real hard (Monday) and it just got real sore, so we just want him to rest. The problem with that is there’ll be a lot of rest and he may be ready, but with no play, that’s scary. If he’s not (ready), he’s not.”

Herald – Bruised Paul Pierce may miss opener

This is what happens when an athlete turns 34. Lesser injuries take longer to heal. What is particularly frustrating is that this injury happened after several months of (lockout) rest.

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On Page 2, the only time KG's voice had a calming effect.

“The only voice I kept hearing was Kevin [Garnett],’’ Daniels said. “He just kept asking, ‘You all right? You all right? You all right?’

“I think just hearing his voice kept me calm. I was like, ‘This is not happening like this. This is not happening like this.’ ’’

He didn’t panic. He stayed calm, stayed relaxed, even as most of his body shut down because of a bruised spinal cord. He could breathe and talk, but that was it.

When the feeling began coming back, it brought with it the burning, all his nerves going off, his skin on fire. Every bump of the ambulance ride was torture.

Globe – Daniels glad to have second chance

Amalie Benjamin does a great job detailing Marquis Daniels' injury and return from spinal surgery. 

We've said it many, many times over the past few weeks, but it deserves another mention. We're all wishing Quisy a healthy and productive season.

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