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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s being Rondo about playing overseas

Rondo at perks camp Rondo, a two-time All-Star, says he’ll discuss options with his agent as the start of training camp draws closer.

"It just depends," Rondo said. "My agent and I will sit down and we’ll talk about it, and discuss what’s best for me."

Herald: Rajon Rondo, Stephen Jackson set Oct. 1 deadline for decision

It's funny to see Rondo and Jackson in headlines together.  They were at Kendrick Perkins' childrens' clinic yesterday, which is why they're linked in all of these stories.

Jackson says he's all set with cash, but he'll go overseas just as a sort of training camp to get ready for whenever basketball returns.  Rondo is, well, Rondo when it comes to these things, tossing in the line ""I’m just trying to focus on getting better, and ready for next season."  

There's no one with a better poker face than Rondo.  The world could be ending and he'll just stare straight ahead stoically saying "I'm just trying to save my own life.. get better at escaping armageddon."

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