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15 smart guesses about Redskins at Rams, beginning with Alfred Morris

Alfred Morris, Robert Griffin III vs. Indianapolis Colts

Let’s call them “hunches” more than predictions (to eat less crow. If I get three right, send me a contract…).

1.  Alfred Morris will break 100 yards, probably by utilizing more outside tracks to the left behind LT Trent Williams. He will score twice again.

2.  WR Aldrick Robinson will break 100 yards and score. He’ll draw another big pass interference call on the defense.  

3.  Davis, Moss, Helu or Briscoe will score their first touchdown of the season.

4.  The defense will get more than seven sacks and hold the Rams’ run game to under 80 yards.   Lots of screens and short pass attempts by the Rams.

5.  Chris Baker will rotate in and become a total beast sending Bradford like a damsel in distress running into Kerrigan’s arms for protection.

6.  Expect our defense to force and recover a fumble.

7.  Robert Griffin III will throw for over 250 yards. He will be human again. He will run less this game; the first game was a decoy to force defenses to prepare more for QB runs.  RG3 will stay in the pocket more this game and do other things the Rams will not expect.

8.  Expect the Redskins to commit a turnover.  

9.  We will be reminded that RG3 and Morris are rookies.

10. Somehow, somewhere, special teams will disappoint again.

11. Expect us to go for it on fourth down a lot.

12. A Redskin will punch Rams CB Cortland Finnegan and he will deserve it.

13. If we are playing really sharp, expect to see reserve QB Kirk Cousins get some action late in the 4th quarter. If we play flat, we will lose.  I expect (hope for) a win 31-13.

14. I expect less injuries and penalties as every other US city has more morals than New Orleans and the coaches are good friends.  Additionally, the second game is usually more polished regarding penalties than the first.

15. Expect Rams fans to cheer a little bit for RG3 when he makes good plays, then boo the coaching staff for not getting him.

Image Source: August 24, 2012, Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.