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5 reasons the Cowboys may beat the Redskins

Yesterday, we sent our Sports Daily colleague and Cowboys blogger, Joe Rodriguez, our post on 5 Reasons why the Redskins may beat the Cowboys. Today, he retaliated reciprocated with his thoughts on why the Cowboys may beat the Redskins. We are glad to post them here, with a few sometimes-snippy comments.

  1. #2 vs. #22

That is the Cowboys running attack vs. the Redskins rushing defense. In the last meeting, the Redskins did hold Zeke to 83 yards and 2 fumbles. That was game 2 of the season, and they’ll be facing a much-improved Zeke. It could be a scary scene for the Redskins. Zeke won’t come out and say he cares about records, but he does. Knowing this, look for Zeke to go after Emmitt’s 155 yards on Thanksgiving record. Could it happen? We’ll see.

  1. 6-1 vs. Redskins on Thanksgiving

These two storied franchises have met 7 times on Thanksgiving and the Cowboys own the Redskins. This game means a lot for both teams, but the Cowboys have been playing at another level this year, and they will not lose at home on Thanksgiving. They will move to 7-1 all-time against the Redskins.

Hog Heaven responds: There’s no denying history. The more recent history is that the ‘Skins are 3-1 in their last four games at Jerryworld.

  1. Offensive Line vs. Redskins Defensive Line

The Cowboys have faced some of the best defenses this season, and last week against the Ravens illustrated what this offensive line will do to a defense in the 2nd half. The Cowboys time of possession on offense has worn down guys, this should be another game where the 2nd half shows the Cowboys pulling away for the win.

Hog Heaven responds: Well then, let’s keep the Dallas offense off the field.

  1. Dak Prescott

Prescott’s play cannot be denied. We’ve already seen him orchestrate game winning drives, and clutch 2 minute drills in several games this season. There is something to be said about leaving too much time on the clock with Prescott. If this game is close in the final minute and it is on Dak’s shoulder to get the team in winning position it is game over, he gets it done. Yes, Romo did the same thing, but there were too many times where he would also throw the pick to end the game. Dak is not the risk taker that Romo is, which is illustrated by Dak’s two interceptions — quite impressive.

Hog Heaven responds: We admit it. We like Dak. Hate that he’s on the Cowboys. Prescott may be the transformational QB we hoped RGIII would be.

  1. Coaching

For me, both these teams have promising youth that will keep them in the hunt for several years. But, when I look at the coaches, I give the edge to the Cowboys. Marinelli vs McVay; Linehan vs Barry. The edge goes to the Cowboys in this regard. I’ve tuned to the Redskins games outside playing the Cowboys and even Gruden has had some questionable decision making. These small things can determine the outcome of this game.

Hog Heaven responds: [Silence]

Advantage is Cowboys.

Thanks, Joe. Follow the Cowboys on CowboysBlog.net. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the game.

Go ‘Skins!