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5 Redskins mysteries revealed starting with Fred Davis


Redskins tight end Fred Davis
Mystery 1 – Why didn't any team make an aggressive offer for Fred Davis?

Answer – When you look stoned out of your mind whenever you speak, it doesn't work well for getting a job in the NFL, especially when you already have been suspended for pot smoking.

Mystery 2 – Why didn't Kyle Shanahan get a head coach job offer?
Answer – When you are partly responsible for the atrocious error of leaving RGIII in the playoff game against Seattle and you have no track record of Super Bowl wins, it looks really really bad.  It also doesn't help that every time the team is down by 14 points, you stop running Alfred Morris and you are guaranteed a loss.

Mystery 3 – Will the Redskins make the playoffs this coming season?
Answer – If the following conditions are met, yes: 

1) Tom Compton convincingly wins the job at Right Tackle and is really outstanding.
2) The Redskins get a good safety that can be healthy all year with their 2nd round pick AND they get Merriweather and Tanard Jackson for the year. 
3) The wide receiver corp shows massive improvement and better consistency. 
4) Orakpo is back, healthy and he and Kerrigan learn some new rushing moves. 
5) Antoine Winfield signs with the Redskins. 
6) The Redskins realize they are middle of the road talent and that 110% effort is what brought them into the playoffs and will again. 
7) The condescending, dictator nutcases don't force the Redskins to change their name.

Mystery 4 – Why do the Redskins always get suspended for substance abuse?
Answer – Mara has paid for 24/7 surveillance in DC area drugstores.  A video showing Rob Jackson buying Orajel for a toothache sets in motion Mara adding Orajel to the banned substance list the next day and a subsequent urine test for Rob Jackson.

Mystery 5:  Why did the Redskins convert Niles Paul to a tight end and NOT to a safety?
JJ Wilcox in the upcoming draft was a wide receiver at Georgia Southern before converting to Safety in his senior season. Have you seen Niles Paul bury anyone on special teams as shown on YouTube here: 

and here:

Man, he would have made a killer safety.

Answer – no clue, bad choice.  But that mistake still pales in comparison to leaving RGIII in the Seattle playoff game after the first quarter.

Mystery 6:  Why do the fans like and see so much potential in Richard Crawford (and for that matter, fellow SMU alumni Aldrick Robinson) and the coaches never give the guy a break or significant playing time?
Answer – Perhaps to motivate him through tough love.  I think it's a big mistake.  This guy has incredible talent and what he needs is more confidence. He needs to gain more confidence in his decisions, he needs to learn how to play the inside slot and he needs to learn how to deal with Wide Receivers when they cheat with an extra shove, hold or push.

I don't know why the Redskins stopped trying to use Robinson on kickoff returns and why they only looked at him for long passes. He needs to learn a few juke moves and learn to how to respond to defender holds off the line.  But his bench press is the same as some of the offensive lineman so I have a hard time believing he is not strong enough to handle defenders off the line.  During the 2012 preseason, we saw the special chemistry between Kirk Cousins and Robinson, and we were all left wondering why the coaches didn't see it.

Conclusion – the Redskins have a chance.  They have a good coach who has made gigantic mistakes, but perhaps that is what we should expect.  The offensive line is not big or good enough for Kirk Cousins at QB, even though both he and Griffin are good in their own ways.  So let's hope he doesn't have to start or finish more than 3 games.  The Redskins desperately need a Bobby Turner-like Wide Receiver coach.

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